Quality | Aluminium Print

 Product Print Size Price
Aluminium Print450mm x 300mm£119.99
Aluminium Print600mm x 400mm£179.99
Aluminium Print760mm x 500mm£229.99
Aluminium Print900mm x 600mm£299.99

When producing the Aluminium Print we start by printing your image onto 270gsm smooth satin paper with an archival rating of 75 years. Once the print has been signed it is mounted to the back of the 2mm diamond polished acrylic sheet using an optically clear material.


Mounting the print to the acrylic is achieved by feeding both the print and the acrylic through heated high-pressure rollers. We feel that we get a much better result by producing a stunning fine art giclee print and mounting it to the acrylic as opposed to printing directly onto the Aluminium.


After the print has been mounted to the acrylic we prep a 3mm brushed aluminium panel by feeding it through the high-pressure rollers and attaching a thin layer of double-sided mount film.


Now we are ready to attach the acrylic to the aluminium panel. We peel back the seal of the double-sided mount film and position the acrylic on top of the aluminium making sure everything lines up nicely. The pair now goes through the rollers for a third and final time and are fixed together.


For the hanging system, we use two aluminium bars that are fixed to the back of the aluminium panel. To do this we use a specialized UHB structural grey acrylic foam tape for bonding together metals.


There are two holes, one at the top of each bar. You will need to drill two holes into the wall and insert the wall plugs provided. Using a screwdriver screw in the screws until there is roughly 15mm protruding. For detailed instructions, we recommend following the fixing instructions that are included in the packaging.


Once the Aluminium Print is hung you should not be able to see the aluminium bars on the back unless you view it at an acute angle and this gives the product it’s ‘floating’ effect.


Each product is individually hand-numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the issue date, image name and edition number.