Quality | Framed Canvas

 Product Print SizeFrame Size Price
Frame Canvas450mm x 300mm495 x 345mm99.99
Frame Canvas600mm x 400mm645 x 445mm129.99
Frame Canvas760mm x 500mm805 x 545mm179.99
Frame Canvas900mm x 600mm945 x 645mm229.99

Unlike the Studio Canvas, the Framed Canvas is stretched around a 35mm deep frame instead of the 45mm deep frame. The profile of the moulding has to be slightly smaller because the stretched canvas has to sit within its outer frame.


The second difference is that the borders around the canvas are black instead of white. Normally black would look stark especially against lighter images but we think it works well within the black frame.


We print on a 100% cotton 482gsm archival canvas to produce a giclée print that has an archival rating of 75 years. The printed canvas then goes to our spray booth to be sprayed with a fine art satin seal that helps prevent marking and scratching and enables you to clean your canvas print with a damp cloth if needs be.


All of our frames are hand-made, in-house and sourced from FSC regulated sustainable resources. As with all of our waste we make sure that all of our wood offcuts are properly recycled.


The outer frame is a black lacquered wood and has a smooth satin finish. The side profile of the moulding is 54mm deep and when viewed from the front, the face of the moulding is slightly curved with a width of 16mm.


We denote the size of the product by the size of the canvas, but in actual fact, the overall size will be roughly 40mm larger. This means a 600mm x 400mm canvas will be somewhere in the region of 640mm x 440mm when the outside frame is added.


Finally, the back of the Framed Canvas Print is neatly finished with acid-free artists backing tape and supplied with fixings as well as hanging instructions.


Each product is individually hand-numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the issue date, image name and edition number.