Quality | Framed Print

 ProductPrint SizeGlass SizeFrame Size Price
Framed Print450mm x 300mm600 x 450mm670 x 520mm99.99
Framed Print600mm x 400mm750 x 550mm820 x 620mm139.99
Framed Print760mm x 500mm910 x 650mm980 x 720mm199.99
Framed Print900mm x 600mm1050 x 750mm1120 x 820mm249.99

To create high-quality fine art giclée prints we use a 308gsm 100% Cotton archival matte paper that has a lightly textured surface. Properly profiled, this paper has an amazing colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness with impressive pictorial depth.


All of our prints are printed on large format twelve ink Canon printers. We prefer using Canon printers because they allow us to produce prints with a wide colour gamut that have excellent scratch resistance, smooth gradation, sharper blacks and deeper dark tones.


The mount is meant to protect and preserve as well as enhance the appearance of an artwork, that is why we use a deep-set extra-thick 3.5mm white conservation mount. The board is made from chemically purified wood pulp that is alkaline buffered, contains no optical brighteners and is acid-free and HP neutral.


The outer frame is a black lacquered wood and has a smooth satin finish. Both the side profile and the front face of the moulding are 40mm. The back of the Framed Print is neatly finished with acid-free artists backing tape and supplied with fixings as well as hanging instructions.


All of our frames are hand-made, in-house and sourced from FSC regulated sustainable resources. As with all of our waste we make sure that all of our wood offcuts are properly recycled.


At Warhammer Art, we excel at conservation frame making ‘Conservation Framing’ is a term used to describe the use of materials and techniques which provide protection to framed works of art on paper.


Acidic tapes, papers and mountboard can lead to the characteristic ‘yellowing’ of paper after a period of time. We exclusively use conversation mounts that will not discolour and acid-free tapes.


Each product is individually hand-numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the issue date, image name and edition number.