Gotrek Realmslayer: Legend of the Doomseeker


Teeth bared, muscles bulging, his one eye flared briefly golden, thousands of years of visions passing across his half-dead face in an instant.
‘Grimnir… damn it… I’ll… regret… this…’
With a roar of pain, the Doomseeker pushed the Master Rune into the muscle of his chest. His body tensed and shivered and appeared to swell. The white lines that Barrowalker’s purple sun had struck into his beard flashed golden. And golden they stayed.The power that had until that point been spiralling out of control earthing itself in the meat and tissue of duardin muscle.
‘I think that’s the… the worst of it.’
Gotrek peeled his roasted hand from his chest. Muscles continued to twitch and flex at random, but the Master Rune now blazed from his chest.

Artist: Ganna Lakisova


Special Edition

Each print is individually hand-numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. There are only 250 of each available making them highly collectable.

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