Codex: Space Wolves (2000)


“The Space Wolves are the most barbaric of all the Space Marine Chapters. Their home planet is the harsh ice world known as Fenris, where savage tribe, from which the Space Wolves are recruited, are locked in a continual struggle for existence. Perhaps because of this, the Space Wolves have a proud, headstrong nature which makes them difficult to control or direct. But for all this, the Space Wolves are valorous and noble defenders of the people of the Imperium, and are amongst the bravest and most ferocious warriors I have ever met.” Inquisitor Bastalek Grim

Artist: David Gallagher


Edition 5000 is a special edition gallery where there are 5000 copies of each image available.The collection consists of Army Books and Codex Covers available as Matte Prints or Framed Prints in A4 and A3 sizes. Printed on an FSC 280 GSM Matte Paper using archival pigment inks. The frames are solid wood and sourced from sustainable resources | Size – 22 x 23mm | Colour – Black | Finish – Closed Grain Satin

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