Reshaping Reality


Whatever a tomb world’s nature or conditions, once the sleepers arise its fate is irrevocably altered. Landmasses shudder and huge subterranean tomb cities stir beneath the surface. Vast structures force their way upward, sloughing off the devastated remains of more youthful civilisations amidst seething energy storms. Eerie megastructures ascend into the heavens, ominous guardians taking up watchful stations above the planet as cosmic super-weapons flare to life in their flanks. Swarms of Canoptek constructs sweep across the globe, devouring and recycling the works of younger species. Any trace of the intervening millennia is swept away as the Necrons resume rulership of their domains of old.

Artist: Paul Dainton


Special Edition

Each print is individually hand-numbered and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. There are only 250 of each available making them highly collectable.

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